NM Productions ally with Abovo

NM Productions mean business when it comes to diversity. That’s why the company have partnered with Abovo, a boutique artist…

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Director Dionne Loftus joins NM Productions

Director Dionne Loftus’ vast experience as a producer, camera op, editor and creative consultant inform her vision as a director.  Her proficiency…

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NM Productions Announces Partnership with Creative Mentor Network

NM Productions’ Anissa Payne and Creative Mentor Network’s Miles Zilesnick discuss the new partnership. Creative Mentor Network is a mentoring…

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Director Harry Reavley joins NM Productions

Director Harry Reavley’s meticulous attention to detail has become a signature stamp across everything he creates.  With a strong intuition…

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Production Paradise: International Locations

The diverse portfolio of the NM Productions locations team is on display, as Production Paradise share a collection of stunning…

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LBB: The Directors: Boo George

An introduction to NM Productions’ director Boo George. Discussing his beginnings in photography in Ireland and his love of travel….

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Meet Your Makers: The Producer Mentality with Sammy Bonham

NM Productions producer on being ready to make sacrifices, why the main ingredient is a reliable team and not backing…

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NM Productions: A Half-Decade of Fearless Brilliance

LBB catch up with NM Productions as they celebrate 5 years of excellence, starting with the companies executive producer &…

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Patrik Giardino Spills the Secrets of Sports Photography

Newly signed NM Productions director and photographer tells LBB’s Zoe Antonov about how his involvement in sports influenced his photography…

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NM Productions joins Lemonade Reps

LBB Announcement: The Global Production Company and creative powerhouse NM Productions is now a member of the Lemonade Reps family….

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Production Paradise: Spotlight Photo Production

NM Productions is a global production company working across moving image and stills for commercials, automotive, sports and fashion projects,…

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On My Radar: B.Monét

In an interview with NM Productions’ director B.Monét, she talks about the film she thinks everyone should see and the…

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NM Productions scores for Adidas

As the Women’s World Cup takes the world by storm, Director Giorgio Bruni and NM Productions teamed up with COPA…

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David Reviews: Adidas “Trinity Rodman”

David Reviews discusses NM Productions director Giorgio Bruni’s latest campaign for Adidas. Analysing Bruni’s mixed media approach to capture both…

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Location Spotlight: Architectural Landscape of London

LBB publish an article after chatting with James Goldsmith, location manager at NM Productions, as he shares his best locations…

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Camera Obscura: Michael O’Connor on Immersing into the Worlds of Artistry and Technology

One half of directing duo Michael – Kaine on ‘digital cinema cameras’ and how film is a beautiful intersection of…

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NM Productions features on LBB

NM Productions features on LBB with the release of their recent Shackleton x Leica spot, directed by Mike O’Connor (NM…

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Camera Obscura: Mik Allen on Why an Arri Camera Never Fails

NM Talent’s director of photography on Arri cameras, the jungles of Borneo and going with what your eye and heart…

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Production Paradise: Fearless, No Bullshit Production with Anissa Payne, Founder and EP of NM Productions

Anissa Payne, founder of NM Productions, discusses the company’s growth in its fifth year and their flexible, collaborative approach to…

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Fearless, No Bullshit Production with Anissa Payne

NM Production’s founder and executive producer on how the company has evolved ahead of its fifth year anniversary, what is…

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The Photographers: Trusting One Another’s Ideas with Connor Langford

LBB get the low down from the NM Talent photographer on working with Nike, why trust is so important and…

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LBB: Aman Hotel Group Launches New York Location with Slick Spot

NM Talent directing duo Venkay bring slick, sophisticated style for the latest work with Aman Hotel Group. Venkay are the hotel…

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Picture This: Matthew Joseph on the Adventure of Locations

LBB chat with the NM Talent photographer, Matthew Joseph, as he breaks down one of his favourite brand shoots, revealing…

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LBB: The Essential List: Anissa Payne

Anissa Payne, founder of NM Productions, discusses the company’s approach, and her love for hot coco pops, kayaking and Taika…

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LBB: Location Spotlight: Namibia

NM Productions executive producer Anissa Payne and local location scout Hein Van Zijl tell LBB all about how the vast…

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The Directors: Tom Stevens

NM Talent director on clear concepts, looking for new developments in post production and throwing yourself fully into the idea….

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Using Real Life Environments in a Virtual Production with Brett Danton

The director shares the benefits and challenges of using Omniverse and Unreal Engine, and why he believes both should be…

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Location Spotlight: Spain

LBB chat with NM productions, who tell us about Spain’s “flexible and personable” way of doing things and all the…

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Mirko Westerbrink on His Clean and Authentic Style

The photographer, repped by NM Productions, speaks to LBB’s Zoe Antonov about his love for humour on set and all…

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Brett Danton talks about the future of virtual production

We had a conversation with NM Production’s director Brett Danton about his views on the rise of virtual production in the audio-visual…

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Dream Teams: How Venkay Films Marries the Technical with the Abstract

The two polar opposites in the form of Vincent Lacrocq and Kristell Chenut, a directing duo who can be found…

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Creative Inspiration Series: Just the Two of Us

The penultimate installation of this series delves into duos from NM Productions, BETC Paris and Harbour Collective who tell LBB’s…

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Bossing It: Modernising Leadership with Anissa Payne

NM Productions founder and executive producer on archaic methods, being open and transparent and the importance of self motivations. READ…

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Catching up with NM’s Anissa Payne.

David Reviews sits down with Owner & Executive Producer, Anissa Payne, to discuss the birth of NM Productions & the…

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SHOTS EMEA get to know their judge: Anissa Payne

A quick breakdown of Anissa’s career, which highlights the emergence of NM Productions & it’s success to date in local…

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‘It’s Okay, You Can Stare’ at Citi’s Tokyo Paralympic Team

NM Productions and Director Patrick Giardino, of NM Talent, feature on Muse with the launch of Citi & Publicis media…

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Citi “Stare at greatness” by Publicis

NM Productions and Director Patrick Giardino, of NM Talent, feature on Campaign US with the launch of Citi & Publicis…

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