Virtual production

At NM Productions, we are committed to finding the best approach for your idea.

Virtual Production is a revolutionary filmmaking technique that utilises advanced technologies, such as LiDAR scanning, to blend physical and digital elements seamlessly in real-time.

This approach enhances the traditional filmmaking process by integrating computer-generated imagery (CGI) with live-action footage, providing filmmakers with greater creative control and efficiency. Things that might have not been physically or logistically possible can be made possible by shooting them on a virtual production stage.

This method transforms the way in which we approach certain productions, enabling more dynamic and flexible storytelling. Virtual Production gives us the ability to travel to various locations across the globe, all within one day at a studio. It helps us to break longstanding logistical barriers, reduce our carbon footprint and increase the volume of what we are able to shoot in one day. Projects below showcase some of the work serviced for WPP.


Behind the Scenes

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Partners / Specialists

Brett Danton

Brett is an award winning director and DOP, having started as a high end advertising photographer working internationally for many major brands. Now recognised as a leader in virtual production, often engaged by companies to talk on their behalf about virtual production techniques, along with sitting on judging panels judging use of technology in production. Described by Nvidia as the virtual DOP, with a hands on approach, knowing the software and often building the scenes. Working as a consultant with one of the worlds largest media companies to redefine the way production is made in the organisation using virtual production.


Bastille x EMI

Working alongside Hogarth, WPP and EMI, we delivered this cutting-edge project as part of the launch of Bastille’s album Give Me The Future. Employing virtual reality in an old airbase hangar, the production seamlessly blended the physical and virtual worlds using motion control and a massive real-time LED wall. We captured a live concert in situ, performed by Bastille, which Hogarth and VMLY&R, would then transform into an immersive, hybrid metaverse experience accessible via Oculus headsets for Bastille fans. The virtual concert, set against a futuristic cityscape, allowed for a new level of interactivity between fans and the band themselves.

Creative Tech Apprenticeship

Helping to support the WPP Creative tech apprentices as part of their on going projects. Each individual apprentice was tasked with creating their own virtual production project which was shot down at Garden Studios.

NM enabled these projects to come to life be aiding all the production requirements in order to facilitate their visions.

Italy LiDar Scan

This project in collaboration with NVIDIA Omniverse, leveraged LiDAR Scanning technologies to capture the scenic roads and landscapes within Italy with unprecedented detail. This groundbreaking approach not only provided a visually stunning representation for potential brands’ marketing strategies, but also emphasised our commitment to sustainable practices and new technologies surrounding virtual production. This case study is a prime example of how the automotive industry in general, can utilise new technologies to help market their products with authenticity whilst at the same time reducing their environmental impact.

Namibia LiDar Scan

In the aftermath of a large blockbuster film, Namibia’s terrain and ecosystem was left damaged and as such the location we were looking to shoot in would only allow a very minimal footprint. 7 hours drive from the nearest town, we took a crew of 10 people to capture both ground and arial scans of the expansive Sossusvlei desert. This innovative approach taken showcased the power of LiDAR scanning in order to achieve remarkable results by allowing us to capture a vast landscape and illustrating the potential for sustainable filmmaking and ecosystem preservation in difficult to reach, sensitive environments.

Scotland LiDar Scan

Produced during the height of Covid, Scotland was the first of many locations we would visit to demonstrate the powers of LiDAR scanning technology for virtual production. LiDAR scanning is a technology which uses lasers to create a 3D map of a real world environment, to transfer into a virtual realm. This project was a collaboration between WPP and NVIDIA Omniverse. Over 10 billion points were captured by LiDAR and transformed into a giant mesh within Omniverse. This mesh enables us to shoot locations virtually, whilst appearing as real as the actual places themselves. The fusion of LiDAR scanning and virtual production not only allowed us to explore the nature beauty of Scottish locations from a controlled studio environment, but also exemplifies our commitment to carob reducing, cutting-edge technologies and efficient solutions in production.