Directing duo Animal comprises Screenwriter Romain Choay and Creative Director Benjamin Grillon. Their artistic partnership began around ten years ago in London, where they worked together at an advertising agency. The collaboration leverages their complementary talents-Romain Choay’s narrative expertise and Benjamin Grillon’s refined aesthetic style.

Animal’s distinctive approach begins at the intersection of a story and a visual universe. With a high-concept orientation and a meticulous approach to research, Animal is always looking for a key element in a script–some kind of hook–that sets it apart from the rest. Uncovering this is what allows them to really get creative.

Having mastered the dynamics of collaboration, Animal knows the importance of a strong working relationship between clients and creatives, emphasising the mutual trust required for successful outcomes.

Their passion for storytelling and commitment to delivering a meaningful narrative have seen Animal solidify their position as a creative force in high-end commercials and fashion films, establishing long-term partnerships with prestigious brands such as Hermès and Gucci. Other notable clients include Hugo Boss, Cartier Nanushka, Claudie Pierlot and Valextra.