Travel, Fashion, Beauty

Venkay, the creative partnership of French directing duo Vincent Lacrocq and Kristell Chenut, emerged from a serendipitous encounter in NYC during 2012’s hurricane Sandy when the pair found themselves stranded together amid the chaos. It was a meeting that would shape the trajectory of their journey together.

The name-pronounced vi-en-ke-represents a fusion of distinct talents, a synergy born from the shared experience of weathering the storm and finding inspiration in its aftermath. With a passion for imagery and culture, the surge of creativity they have experienced ever since has propelled them to constantly defy conventions and push the boundaries of visual storytelling.

From the streets of their native Paris to the beaches of Bali and the townships of India, Venkay’s artistic commitment is to not only observe the beauty in these places but to capture the essence of the people who inhabit them. By seamlessly blending the technical with the abstract they aim to create a visual language that transcends conventional boundaries.

Venkay’s expertise in travel and hospitality has seen them work extensively for well-known luxury resorts such Aman, helping to relaunch the brand’s identity. Their versatility allows them to thrive both on small scale productions as well as large commercial projects for clients such as Mandarin Oriental, Valentino, Dior, Zara and Chandon.

Creative Recognition

Industry Award - Travel Video Awards 2020 Winner
Best Performance - Madrid Fashion Film Festival Winner