Trigger’s passion for the camera developed at a young age, hand in hand with his love of automobiles. At 16, he made the bold decision to leave school to pursue a career aligned with his interests-the smart thing, as he calls it. Finding his place at Calvert Studios, his affinity for cars and photography blossomed into the foundation of a promising career.

After initially focusing on learning the intricacies of studio craft and assisting influential photographers in the automotive world, a breakthrough came when Trigger started shooting on location for Jaguar Land Rover, earning recognition from several leading creative directors who recognised his talent and enthusiasm.

Trigger’s style emerged from the convergence of his passions. His ability to fuse technical expertise with creative flair sets him apart, using his mastery of the craft and a storytelling approach to bring the essence of each product to life.

Trigger’s clients include Bentley, Jaguar, KIA, Land Rover, McLaren, Rolls Royce, Sealine Yachts, Toyota and Triumph Motorcycles.