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Rob Sanderson


Rob Sanderson is Little One. His Thai childhood nickname, long outgrown.

Rob’s work is all about real people and real places. It’s about showing relatable and natural people in relatable and natural environments. Crossing the line back and forth between working with non actors and actors to create scenes that ring true to audiences, Rob’s approach is to always make something the audience can relate to, recognise and feel for.

He’s taken this approach in to schools using pupils to tell the story of school exclusions, as well as to A list footballers, capturing candid moments of their personalities rarely seen. In the height of the initial lockdown he worked with an NHS family to create a charity film with the most rudimentary of equipment and under the tightest of lockdown restrictions which went onto generate tens of thousands of pounds for the NHS.

Young Arrows Best Director // YDA Winner // Shiny Award Winner // D&AD New Blood Jury 2023