Rob Sanderson

Rob Sanderson

Sports, Documentary

Director Rob Sanderson’s work is all about real people and real places. Known by the childhood nickname Little One, from his Thai upbringing, he has developed a distinctive style that revolves around authenticity.

Rob knows how to capture the essence of human moments in natural environments. Transitioning seamlessly between working with non-actors and actors, he crafts scenes that resonate with audiences by emphasising the common ground between subject and audience, tapping into a shared sense of empathy and relatability.

The impact of Rob’s creative storytelling earned him the 2022 Young Arrows New Director award for the film Dropped, made in collaboration with Certified Sports. The short focuses on the experiences of young footballers who faced adversity after being dropped by clubs. A charity film made for the NHS using the most rudimentary of equipment under tight lockdown restrictions earned critical acclaim.

Whether working with A-list footballers or portraying the struggles of real individuals, Rob’s storytelling transcends boundaries. His portfolio includes work for brands such as Nike, Hilton, Miller, and Nissan.

Creative Recognition

Award Young Arrows Best Director
Award YDA Winner
Award Shiny Award Winner
Award D&AD New Blood Jury 2023