Mik Allen

Mik Allen

Sports, Automotive, Fashion

Director of Photography Mik Allen embarked on his career journey in the 90s, immersing himself in the London filmmaking scene alongside esteemed commercial directors like Gerard De Thame, Paul Weiland, Dante Ariola, and David Lodge. Born in Copenhagen and raised in London, his early nomadic experiences equipped him with the unique ability to seamlessly integrate into diverse cultures and work practices, thriving in new and challenging locations.

After early contributions to well-known films such as The Mummy, Gosford Park and Love Actually, Mik transitioned through the ranks, making a pivotal move into cinematography in 2004. This career trajectory opened doors to international assignments and a world of travel and cultural diversity. His cinematographic path evolved further as he relocated to the UAE in 2013, expanding his work across the Gulf region, Asia, and Europe before returning to London in 2019.

Mik’s cinematography possesses a robust visual style, imprinting a naturalistic look on his films. A strong focus on simplicity, humanity and a non-fussy approach to cinematography defines his creative identity.

Over his two decades as a DOP, Mik’s career spans a wide array of genres, from TV commercials to feature-length films and automotive assignments for clients such as GMC, Nike, Range Rover, Hugo Boss, Hyundai and Audi.