Matthew Joseph

Matthew Joseph

Lifestyle, Sports

Photographer and Director Matthew Joseph’s passion was sparked by trying to avoid being in family holiday photos. At age 11, he took over his father’s manual SLR. That was it. It felt so natural; he was self-taught, capturing anything and everything around him: people, flowers, insects, planes… the landscapes of the Norfolk Coast where he grew up. Chasing sunsets on his bike, he was drawn by the magic and mystery of experimenting with the camera and only discovering what worked after the film developed.

Experimenting in the darkroom at college, Matthew found a sense of achievement in capturing a moment that would stay around forever. His raw and authentic personal work is inspired by travelling the world, chasing an obsession with light, people, culture and stories.

From complex sets in California with a large cast and crew to a remote Ethiopian village with only his camera, subject and a language barrier, Matthew’s cinematic approach to story-telling, understanding of human emotion and ability to inject life and humanity into his commercial photography is at the core of his creative identity.

With multiple awards under his belt, including being named multiple times in Lürzer’s Archive’ Top 200 Ad Photographers Worldwide’, Matthew’s diverse client list includes Barclays, Apple, Canon, Coca-Cola, Mastercard, The North Face and Sony.