Jorge Luis Diéguez

Jorge Luis Diéguez

Automotive, Lifestyle, Travel, People

Photographer and Cinematographer Jorge Luis Diéguez is a Peruvian artist, now based in London. With degrees in photography, cinematography and architecture, he brings a multifaceted background to his craft.

Architecture, in particular, influences Jorge creatively. He grew up in Lima, a dense city known for its unplanned urbanisation, unique aesthetic, atypical design and construction methods. From this experience, Jorge developed an appreciation for disconnected forms and patterns. He explores the dynamic between human-object and human-space a lot in his work.

The desert–a space mostly untouched by and unwelcoming to humans–is a recurrent theme for Jorge and a place which he feels continually inspired. Beyond natural landscapes, he is drawn to abandoned and disrupted scenes, exploring the conflicts arising from land appropriation and mass human displacement.

By working closely with departments such as art direction, lighting, and editing, Jorge emphasises the importance of synergy to create impactful pieces collectively. His portfolio reflects a commitment to storytelling that goes beyond the visual to evoke profound emotional and intellectual responses with clients, including Audi, Nowness, Nike and Vespa.