Emma Scott

Emma Scott

Sports, Lifestyle

Commercial Director Emma Scott credits her creative journey to an insatiable appetite for aspirational messaging. Her focus on positive human stories and eagerness to challenge preconceptions have shaped her distinctive approach to filmmaking.

Whether working with actors, real people, or sporting legends, she brings a unique perspective that challenges traditional narratives. Her exceptional eye for art direction and colour sets her apart, adding an exciting visual dimension to her storytelling.

Specialising in commercials, Emma’s work goes beyond the ordinary, breaking through boundaries in gender, sport, lifestyle and fashion. Her films stand out for their honesty, focusing on real human experiences that often diverge from mainstream media narratives. Emma’s approach to filmmaking reflects a commitment to capturing moments that resonate with audiences and defy conventional norms.

Having spent several years working as a creative for international brands like Rolex, Vodafone, FIFA and McLaren, Emma brings a wealth of experience and insight to her directorial role. With a global reach, her portfolio features an impressive array of clients, including industry giants such as Apple, The Telegraph, Shell, Samsung, Volvo and Sony. Her work for these clients has not only pushed boundaries but has also garnered awards and global recognition.