Dylan Johnston

Dylan Johnston

Lifestyle, Sports

Photographer Dylan Johnston traces the roots of his creative journey to the East Coast of Florida, where he spent his youth fishing and surfing. After adopting the family camera, his parents supported his passion, helping him buy film, lenses and books. This coastal upbringing, with its thrill of exploration and the ocean as a backdrop, shaped his allure of adventure and innate eye for visual storytelling.

While at art school, Dylan honed his skills by working as a photo assistant at Universal Orlando during the summers. Moving to New York after college, he continued assisting, developing his unique style, experimenting with different cameras and formats and embracing the process of failing fast–knowing what doesn’t work works.

For Dylan, photography is more than technical execution; it’s about infusing each image with a personal touch. Evolving over the years and approaching each project with a documentary eye, Dylan creates a story and environment that the viewer feels as if they’re part of. He draws inspiration from diverse sources such as photo books, movies and museums, bringing a multidimensional perspective to his work.

Dylan’s portfolio boasts an array of commercial and narrative clients, including Adidas, Nike, Vogue and Rivian.