Connor Langford

Connor Langford

Sports, Fashion, Lifestyle

Photographer and Filmmaker Connor Langford’s career has been fuelled by his profound love for people, culture and storytelling. Spending his foundational years doing charity work with his family in Australia, he developed a passion for partnering with charities and organisations to help bring awareness and tell stories through his photographic and motion work.

Connor’s philanthropy has become a cornerstone of his creative identity. His creative odyssey spans from collaborating with charities in the villages of Mozambique and Bangladesh to contributing to advertising campaigns in the cosmopolitan hubs of London, New York and Sydney.

Rooted in storytelling, Connor’s work is natural, relatable and candid. He captures the essence of people, with his lens serving as a bridge between different worlds. His distinctive style reflects his innate curiosity and affection for diverse cultures, and his visual narratives transcend geographical and societal boundaries––from the heart of communities to the dynamic landscapes of advertising.

Whether immersed in the simplicity of everyday life or contributing to the visual language of high-profile clients, Connor’s power in fusing empathy, cultural awareness and visual storytelling has seen him work with the likes of Ralph Lauren, Net-A-Porter, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger and Hunter Boots.