Director of Photography Mik Allen embarked on his career journey in the 90s, immersing himself in the London filmmaking scene alongside esteemed commercial directors like Gerard De Thame, Paul Weiland, Dante Ariola, and David Lodge. Born in Copenhagen and raised in London, his early nomadic experiences equipped him with the unique ability to seamlessly integrate into diverse cultures and work practices, thriving in new and challenging locations.

After early contributions to well-known films such as The Mummy, Gosford Park and Love Actually, Mik transitioned through the ranks, making a pivotal move into cinematography in 2004. This career trajectory opened doors to international assignments and a world of travel and cultural diversity. His cinematographic path evolved further as he relocated to the UAE in 2013, expanding his work across the Gulf region, Asia, and Europe before returning to London in 2019.

Mik’s cinematography possesses a robust visual style, imprinting a naturalistic look on his films. A strong focus on simplicity, humanity and a non-fussy approach to cinematography defines his creative identity.

Over his two decades as a DOP, Mik’s career spans a wide array of genres, from TV commercials to feature-length films and automotive assignments for clients such as GMC, Nike, Range Rover, Hugo Boss, Hyundai and Audi.

Axelle Courlander is a seasoned Director and DoP whose style blends vibrancy and evocativeness, drawing inspiration from the grand theatre of football, the enchanting world of cinema, and the boundless energy of creativity.

Axelle began her career in the world of advertising, working within production and as a BTS shooter for clients such as Cadbury’s, Skoda and GiffGaff. She has since made her mark in the realm of sports having worked with notable football figures like Eden Hazard, Zinedine Zidane, and Eric Cantona. As a DOP, she is focussed on capturing genuine moments that showcase the talents and personalities of top athletes, musicians, actors and models.

Axelle derives her greatest satisfaction from the craft itself. She seeks to infuse her work with an authenticity and soul that inspires you. She has collaborated with global entities such as Adidas, Nike, and FIFA, who have benefitted from her unique point of view.

Director and Photographer Brett Danton can thank his interest in photography and film to his early exposure to television control rooms, which he pretty much grew up in, courtesy of his TV presenter parents. Born in New Zealand and raised in the UK, seeing how things worked live on air from a young age laid the foundation for his industry expertise.

Brett’s career kicked off in Australia before bringing him back to the UK. His approach is about adding a new dimension to the visual aesthetic to tell a brand’s story in an unmistakable way. An early adopter of new technologies, his unique skill set of combining stills and moving images seamlessly has contributed to his success on a global scale for over two decades.

Brett’s technical know-how, artistic vision and adaptability allow him to work with a multitude of different crews, equipment, and production setups. Whether working on large-scale campaigns or intimate projects, his focus on delivering the highest production values possible has seen him lecture on behalf of Canon and collaborate with clients Land Rover, Range Rover, Interface, Emirates Airlines, Qantas, Coca-Cola, Electrolux, BMW, Nick Scali Furniture, LuxDeco, Sotto and Uncle Ben’s.

Michael’s career began with a natural curiosity for the craft, as he was fascinated by the intersection of creativity & technology. This innate interest in science, artistry & how the two combine is felt throughout Michael’s career. From his early days using his first ever camera, a Canon 5D MK11, to his recent work, there is a tangible feeling of innovation & enthusiasm for the craft.

Today, Michael now has the experience to match the enthusiasm of his early years with a vast portfolio that involves technical & enduring outdoor shoots, slick commercial pieces & intimate human stories. Not many can say that they’ve hung out of planes, shot African wildlife & trekked the Andermatt mountains all in the name of craft, but Michael can. Every adventurous director needs a daring yet easygoing DOP. Michael is your man.

Michael has worked with some of the biggest names in the world and the biggest brands, from Rolls Royce and Puma to household names like Jodie Comer, David Beckham, Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding & Nicole Scherzinger

Photographer and Cinematographer Jorge Luis Diéguez is a Peruvian artist, now based in London. With degrees in photography, cinematography and architecture, he brings a multifaceted background to his craft.

Architecture, in particular, influences Jorge creatively. He grew up in Lima, a dense city known for its unplanned urbanisation, unique aesthetic, atypical design and construction methods. From this experience, Jorge developed an appreciation for disconnected forms and patterns. He explores the dynamic between human-object and human-space a lot in his work.

The desert–a space mostly untouched by and unwelcoming to humans–is a recurrent theme for Jorge and a place which he feels continually inspired. Beyond natural landscapes, he is drawn to abandoned and disrupted scenes, exploring the conflicts arising from land appropriation and mass human displacement.

By working closely with departments such as art direction, lighting, and editing, Jorge emphasises the importance of synergy to create impactful pieces collectively. His portfolio reflects a commitment to storytelling that goes beyond the visual to evoke profound emotional and intellectual responses with clients, including Audi, Nowness, Nike and Vespa.