Venkay, the creative partnership of French directing duo Vincent Lacrocq and Kristell Chenut, emerged from a serendipitous encounter in NYC during 2012’s hurricane Sandy when the pair found themselves stranded together amid the chaos. It was a meeting that would shape the trajectory of their journey together.

The name-pronounced vi-en-ke-represents a fusion of distinct talents, a synergy born from the shared experience of weathering the storm and finding inspiration in its aftermath. With a passion for imagery and culture, the surge of creativity they have experienced ever since has propelled them to constantly defy conventions and push the boundaries of visual storytelling.

From the streets of their native Paris to the beaches of Bali and the townships of India, Venkay’s artistic commitment is to not only observe the beauty in these places but to capture the essence of the people who inhabit them. By seamlessly blending the technical with the abstract they aim to create a visual language that transcends conventional boundaries.

Venkay’s expertise in travel and hospitality has seen them work extensively for well-known luxury resorts such Aman, helping to relaunch the brand’s identity. Their versatility allows them to thrive both on small scale productions as well as large commercial projects for clients such as Mandarin Oriental, Valentino, Dior, Zara and Chandon.

Director and Filmmaker Giorgio Bruni started his creative journey as a painter and student of fine art. A desire to meet new people and engage with clients on more eclectic projects sparked his transition into filmmaking. He gained early recognition directing music videos (thanks to having friends play in bands), which led to him earning a nomination for Best New Director at the 2012 UK Music Video Awards.

Through his action-packed and fashion-forward work, Giorgio offers a glimpse into the lives of individuals within the context of sports, fashion, and contemporary culture. The juxtaposition of raw, human moments with carefully composed visuals is what makes his style so distinctive.

Charming and relentlessly enthusiastic by nature, Giorgio is a master of creating good energy on and off set with his infectious personality and inspiring professionalism. With a keen focus on sports commercials, his clients include Nike, Adidas, Vans, Sony and Real Madrid for Nivea.

Photographer & Director Mark Cant’s journey behind the lens began with a Polaroid camera. Raised amidst fields, his heart always longed for the bustling life of the city and in 2001, Mark moved to London to start his career. The same Polaroid camera still accompanies Mark wherever he goes–a constant reminder of the hard work and dedication he invested as a photo assistant on his path to his individual success.

Mark’s bold and playful photographic style combines vibrant colours, technical precision and intricate detail. Specialising in beauty, fashion and celebrity photography, his portfolio seamlessly moves between high-end luxury campaigns and candid, authentic portraiture that captures the unique character of each subject.

Mark’s career boasts collaborations with some of the most significant names in fashion and beauty globally. From Elle, Tatler, L’Oreal and Chanel to Wonderland, Rolling Stone, Smashbox and NYX. His work has been exhibited in prestigious galleries worldwide, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. In a commitment to nurturing the next generation of photographers, Mark also shares his knowledge through workshops at universities across Europe and North America.

Director, Dionne Loftus, has had a love for digital and traditional film formats for as long as she can remember. Although directing is her sole priority, Dionne has bundles of experience as a producer, camera op, editor and creative consultant. This vast skill set has only expanded her vision as a director and affirms her comfortability in delivery formats for TV broadcasts, online and new media. Her desire to always work with new people has taken her across the Atlantic ocean and back again. 

Through her intimate yet stylised work, Dionne offers an authentic view of the subject, allowing the audience to experience empathy or a sense of representation. You’ll find candid direction, natural camerawork and film grain visuals to be somewhat of a signature for Dionne. 

With a keen focus on fashion commercials, her clients include Vogue, Harrods, Whistles and other high profile names such as eBay and Sainsburys.


Director Harry Reavley’s journey as a self-taught filmmaker evolved from his background as an editor. The eye he had cultivated for detail, framing and composition shaped his understanding of visual storytelling and laid a solid foundation for a career as a director.

Harry’s meticulous attention to detail has become a signature stamp across everything he creates. With a strong intuition for striking imagery, his observational style as a filmmaker bursts with texture and attitude. Fascinated with capturing movement, he infuses his films with intricate, dynamic and personal touches.

Characterised by a documentary storytelling point of view, Harry’s films often incorporate an otherworldly quality. His visually compelling but rooted narratives extend across genres, capturing the essence of his subjects with depth and authenticity.

With an innate intuition on set and distinctive style that spans the realms of fashion, sport, dance and beauty, Harry has collaborated with renowned brands such as Siro Hotels, Harrods, Net-A-Porter, Hunza G, Dove, V Magazine, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein.