David Reviews discusses NM Productions director Giorgio Bruni’s latest campaign for Adidas. Analysing Bruni’s mixed media approach to capture both the brand and Trinity Roadman’s personality.

Trinity Rodman explores creativity on and off the pitch in this diverting film for Adidas. Having to stand up against detractors from the jump due to her famous parentage, she brings bags of personality to the screen and assures viewers that they can forget about any nepo baby naysaying.


Anissa Payne, founder of NM Productions, discusses the company’s growth in its fifth year and their flexible, collaborative approach to global production services.

NM Productions is a global production company with teams in London, LA, New York, Dubai, Milan and Madrid. They can mobilize production all over the world and have extensive experience producing beautifully crafted moving images and stills projects both big and small. Drawing upon a wealth of experience across the industry, they provide a flexible, efficient and non-traditional approach to the needs of clients.

Working with a diverse mix of clients means they are able to accommodate any and all types of projects. Their non-traditional approach to each project means they can offer either full production; from creative right through to post-production and asset delivery, or individual modular production, depending on what production requires.